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Giving up the Ghost, Ignite your Inner Fire

Join Angad Bani Kaur and Kelly rose on Sunday, Oct 21 for a workshop! In the honor of fun and Halloween, we wanted to incorporate a ghost theme for this workshop, where you will be lighting and celebrating your Inner Fire and Honoring Your Inner Flame.

Setting light to the shadows in your heart that are keeping your soul’s light from shining to its fullest, you will set these shadows free in the flames of our ritual fire on the shores of Shady Oak Lake. You will do meditation, Kriya, or movement, some Mantra and a fire ritual. You will find your inner fire, your personal power, your inner voice, and you’ll be doing in in a safe and held space with others who are on the same journey.

Arrive with an open heart, and be ready to know yourself a little better by the time you leave. Also bring some warm clothes, and shoes you are comfortable walking in, because we will be doing some walking meditations by the shores of Shady Oak Lake.

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