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Spring Equinox and Full Super Moon Workshop with Gong Bath

  • Adagio Holistic Therapies 710 West 40th Street Minneapolis United States (map)

The Full Super Moon in March Coincides with the Spring Equinox this year!

This will be an incredibly powerful time to set intentions and harness the power of this auspicious day to let go of anything that is no longer serving you, and to manifest the next chapter for you!

The Spring Equinox is all about creation, cleansing, fertility, and rebirth. Creatures are coming out of hibernation, fresh starts abound!
We will celebrate this beautiful occasion with a lovely workshop and an extended Healing Sound Gong Bath.

You will have the opportunity to write down anything you're ready to let go, and after the workshop, I will burn them!
You will write another list of anything you are here to manifest, and I will take them home, and keep them on my personal meditation altar, and dedicate my own practice to them daily!

We will do a Kriya especially for spring, a cleansing Kriya, or series of postures, to open our bodies to the new season, and follow it with a Full Moon Mediation for Manifesting our Intentions.

The Workshop will be completed with an extended Healing Gong Sound Bath. You will get as cozy and comfortable as you possibly can, and let the sound of the gong wash over you. Yogi Bhajan said that the gong has the same vibration as the sound of Universal Creation, and that it can heal very deeply, by changing the vibration in our very cells. The sound brings us to the frequency of creation, allowing us to become in tune with our highest selves. Our Truth. Our Sat Nam.

Bring a Yoga Mat, a Blanket, a Journal, and anything you'd like to place on the altar to charge with the energy of our practice.

If you prefer to use a chair instead of a mat, we have chairs available. This workshop is suitable for all levels including those who have never practiced Kundalini Yoga or any Yoga before. Just bring your open mind, open heart and be ready for an unforgettable experience.

Space is limited. Click Here to RSVP