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Hello, I’m Jessica Skilar. I’m a Beauty Business Coach, Hair Stylist and Kundalini Yogi living in Minneapolis, MN.


I went to beauty school in 2001, and have been in love with the art of doing hair every minute of my career. I am passionate about art and creativity and its what makes my world go round. One thing I’ve noticed about the beauty industry, is that there is tons of emphasis on honing your skills, which is paramount, obviously, but there is little to no time spent on teaching us how to run our business!

I have always been fiercely independent and have learned to work for myself as a chair renter and then opened my first salon in 2009, during the recession and was able to grow my business and make a profit during a time when many entrepreneurs were failing. I moved to Minneapolis MN in 2012 and rented a chair in South Minneapolis part time, and started my second business, J. Lydia Bridal, an on-site bridal business, to supplement that income and save money on chair rent. That was really fun and successful, and held me until I opened my second brick and mortar salon in 2016. Since then, I have moved locations and tripled that business, and am in LOVE with finding ways to be environmentally thoughtful and community oriented with business and providing an amazing space for my stylists to work, and I still work behind the chair as well.

It is my PASSION to bring the love of business to people in the beauty industry, helping them to navigate the business side of beauty. Growing business, marketing themselves, and just the plain nitty gritty of being their own boss! It doesn’t have to be stressful! It can be fun and it can be profitable!!!


The mind is the most powerful tool you have!

-Jessica Skilar


So much of our success relies on our belief in ourself. If we can change our mindset, we can change our whole universe! We are limitless and the only one stopping us is ourselves.

YOU can achieve ANYTHING!!! YOU just have to believe that you can. The Universe is literally waiting for you to open yourself up to the abundance. Let’s do it!


Much love,



Jessica is waiting to connect with you about the Business side of the beauty industry, Yoga, Meditation, or Manifesting Abundance!

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